Janine Griffiths

Innovative marketing executive who has leveraged high-level SEO and social media skills to dramatically increase page views, engagements and business leads. Possess an excellent understanding of how to develop a powerful and engaging marketing campaign that will generate maximum publicity on behalf of clients.

Recognised for 10+ years of success in linking business achievements with decisive market leadership to boost recognition for various organisations and increase profitability. Led strategic and operational breakthroughs in across a range of different verticals. Able to creatively tailor PR and marketing campaigns to client needs.

Possess a BA Hons Degree in Philosophy and Economics. Also hold a postgraduate qualification in Journalism.

Why conscious travel startups are disrupting the tourism industry

Why conscious travel startups are disrupting the tourism industry In 2016 I left the grey skies of England, in search of the sun. While many backpackers attempt to find themselves or seek enlightenment when they travel overseas, I just wanted to have a great time abroad and tell amazing stories when I returned. I never imagined that spending 8 months overseas would teach me so much about the world and radically change my perspective about the tourism industry. I learned important lessons abo

3 important life lessons I learned while working with the long neck Karen tribe

In 2016, I took a temporary break from my career in marketing to go backpacking across the world. It opened up a whole new world of experience and important life lessons for me. But there were problems. Those were the doubts and fears that barged their way into my dreams and tried to divert what was arguably one of my most intense life experiences. I grew up on a council estate in a Jamaican family that scoffed at the very idea of travelling. When I told my parents, my aunts and my uncles th
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