The secrets of influential marketing

“a confused mind, never buys while a confused seller never sells” Anon Have you ever had one of those annoying emails drop into your inbox, with a great subject line, but when you open it up, it is full of, well, junk? We are all familiar with sales jargon, exaggerated and dubious testimonials and endless streams of information about how you can be as rich and powerful as the people presented in the email. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll hit the delete button before you get to the thir

The kung-fu of sales psychology: selling to win

In ancient Chinese philosophy, kung fu refers to any learning or practice that requires patience, energy and time to complete. Although the art of kung fu is more commonly associated with martial arts, in China it is a compound of two words, combining (gōng) meaning “work”, “achievement”, or “merit” with “man”. Kung fu is often referred to as the “achievement of man”. In that sense, the art of sales is a form of kung fu, because it requires skill, patience and time to learn. After reading this
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