This page contains a collection of travel articles from my blog: and a few for previous clients.

Why conscious travel startups are disrupting the tourism industry

Why conscious travel startups are disrupting the tourism industry In 2016 I left the grey skies of England, in search of the sun. While many backpackers attempt to find themselves or seek enlightenment when they travel overseas, I just wanted to have a great time abroad and tell amazing stories when I returned. I never imagined that spending 8 months overseas would teach me so much about the world and radically change my perspective about the tourism industry. I learned important lessons abo

What is WiGo Trips™?

Many of us dream of packing their bags and going to a far flung part of the world to immerse themselves in a totally different culture. For several of us, we are held back from going out into the world and traveling the way we always dream of. For some, it's not having the resources of time to plan our dream trip, for others it's not having enough money, and then there are those of us who simply don't have anyone to travel with. This is what inspired the creation of WiGo Trips™.

Why I fell in love with Italy | Travel Blog

The thing I love most about Italy is the people. While the splendor of the Roman ruins of Pompeii in Naples and the Colosseum of Rome may eventually wane with time, the friendliness and hospitality of the locals has left a lasting impression on me that will remain for many years to come.On May 1st 2016, I left the grey skies of England for the Mediterranean sunshine of Rome. It was to be the very first stop in a backpacking adventure across the globe, which (at the time of writing) is still in p

Searching for the Buddha in Tibet – Janine Griffiths –

The strangest thing I ever brought in my life was a can of oxygen. Imagine that. Popping down to the local market store and grabbing yourself an oxygen canister just so you can breathe. Ah Tibet. At 3,000 metres, the altitude certainly packed a punch. I was in the beautiful city of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, and altitude sickness (also known as acute mountain sickness or AMS) was real. A car was waiting for me when I arrived at the airport. It rolled past magnificent snow-capped hills, mount
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